Thursday, August 31, 2006

The dog ate my disk, and other tales of woe


The dog ate my disk, and other tales of woe

I do not find these tales humorous because if one does encounter a problem such as the death of a family or an injury then I think they are acceptable excuses for turning in papers late. But if a student makes up a story or lies about family’s death or injuries then it is unacceptable. When I was in high school I would hear many students from my classes explaining why they couldn’t
get their work done on time, some would say “my parents threw away my papers” or “I was up all night trying to finish all my other homework”. I personally think those are some unacceptable excuses, students who probably procrastinated until the last minute to finish everything.
Teachers who have been teaching for many years could already tell the truth from the lies students give. From reading Segal’s stories, I see that she uses some sarcastic remarks; making fun student’s excuses and the reason I think she is doing that is because she finds it tiring to hear excuses after excuses all the time.


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